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Sexual Harassment on 6th June, 2010

Posted by crcnewdelhi on June 9, 2010

A sexual harassment had happened to A Burmese (Chin) refugee name Mrs. Sui Ngun Tial, W/o Mr. Cung Bawi  a holder of UNHCR certificate no. 06IND00469 on 6th June, 2010 at Sitapuri Part II, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi.

The incident started while they were going back to home from the clinic with her husband and their minor son at the main road of Sunday Market (Chanakya Place) three men biker followed them and started to gage or stare at her. The husband thought that they were just making fun to them but the bikers secretly followed them from behind. When they were about to arrive their home Mrs. Sui Ngun Tial went to buy the drinking water from the nearby shop, by taking the chance as opportunity, one of the bikers approached her and thrust his hand toward her buttock and back without having any words. When the woman recognized that someone had touching her, she shout for help and also slapped him with her bare hand.

. When the husband heard his wife voice he run to help and caught the culprit and showed him to the shop keeper and the nearby PCO shop keeper in order to witness or identify him when require. On the next day, when the worker of SLIC (Socio and Legal Information Center) investigated the case, the two shop keepers denied by saying that they never seen him before. It was very hard to understand that how can a stranger comfortably enter into unknown house just after molesting a woman. The CRC reported the incident to the higher authority of SLIC requested them to take necessary legal assistance.

This family came to New Delhi in 2006 and was recognized refugees under the mandate of UNHCR. The husband works in the nearby local company and earning Rs. 2,500 per month which is the only source of their income. They are paying Rs.1, 500 for the room rent per month and the remaining is used for their daily survival.


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