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A Chin refugee widow repeatedly teased sexually

Posted by crcnewdelhi on June 28, 2010

A Chin refugee widow name Mrs. Ngun Neih (07/IND01204) had admitted lately that she had been sexually abused repeatedly at different locations by different local Indian.  She said that she was illiterate and did not know how to response the criminals or how to report to the police or to the UNHCR. She added that once she went for help to the Woman Protection Center, one of the UNHCR’s implementing partners; she could not meet the officer and could not share about her sorrows.

On 5th January, 2010 she was attempted to rape by the auto driver at her way back from Gold Market (Near Red Cross Office), after purchasing some second hand clothes. The auto driver drove her to the wrong direction and when she complaints about the road he led, he replied that he was just followed the short cut. He then drove her to unknown solitary place and tried to rape her. He attacked with a knife and tears off her skirt and she sustained minor injury on the lower part of her belly. He warned her to surrender so that she might not be harmed, but she defends herself with all her strength and shouted for help. Fortunately after ten minutes fighting, three people come near the incident place and when the criminal saw them he was afraid and he suddenly pushed her down from the auto rickshaw and run away with her bag.

On 11 June, 2010 she went for marketing the vegetable at Friday market, Mahindra Park in west Delhi at about 11 o’clock at night. At the market while picking some waste vegetable thrown out a man approached her secretly from behind and grasped her tightly from behind and touched her breasts with both hands.  After shouting he released her and run away. At the same night while going back home the unknown person/ persons sitting inside the vehicle called her and offered Rs. 100 for sex. He suddenly and unexpectedly grasped her from the car window and tried to pull her inside the car, saying that if she needs more money he can pay up to one thousand. But she refused and said that she was not prostitute and shouted for help and at last she can escape again.

On 18 June, 2010 at the same market above, a young man followed her while she was marketing and on her way back he still followed her and when she asked what he wanted and why he followed her? He replied that he want to have sex with her and offered her Rs. 100. She asked how old he is, he replied that he is 14 years old and age does not matter to have sex. She rebuked and said that “Are you not ashamed of asking to have sex with an old woman, having the age of your mother, leave me immediately unless I call the police and you will be arrested”.  Mean while three other Chin women joined them and drove the boy away.

This widow used to go for the market at late at night due to financial difficulties. She said that she get the vegetable at cheaper rate. She bought some vegetables with cheaper rate and cleans/ washes it and sells it again to the refugees in the morning. She said that that this is how she survives. She has two sons but one son (the elder son) was unfortunately missing since 2008 and she did not know whereabouts of him. She stayed with the younger son and living with severe poverty. Due to the past accident with broken bone she was unable to carry out hard work. The subsistence allowance provided by the UNHCR had been terminated and this family is included in the lists of CRC as the most difficult refugee.


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