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Assault case on 24th June, 2010

Posted by crcnewdelhi on June 28, 2010

A chin refugee name Mr. Lai Za Ma (06IND00473) was deliberately attacked by more than ten local youths at Chanakya Place, Uttam Nagar, west Delhi on 24th June, 2010 at about 9:30 pm while returning from Church.

Mr. Lai Za Ma and his friend (Choir members) were learning for group song at Chin Christian Fellowship (LCC) as usual.  He returned from the church at 9:30 and while walking on the street, more than ten drunkard youths stopped him and attacked him while three of them grasped him from behind and pushed his bag. He sustained minor injuries on his face and nose bleeding.

When the culprits successfully snatched his bag they got away from the incident place. Then the victim lost his bag along with the UNHCR certificate and Rs. 120 inside the bag. As soon as he informed the CRC about the incident happened to him, we reported to the Socio and Legal Information Center (SLIC), one of the UNHCR implementing partners to provide the necessary assistance to this victim. (The SLIC role is providing legal assistance to refugee and asylum seeker on behalf of the UNHCR).

Mr. Lai Za Ma came to New Delhi in 2006 for fear of persecution in Myanmar, he applied for the refugee status and recognized by the UNHCR as a refugee. He was among the most active refugee who participate in encouraging the refugees and having a good behavior and attitude toward both refugees and local people. Even the women, the elders, children and good persons are not free from them. In Myanmar we are facing problems from the government and fled for our life but in the place where we seek peace and security we are again sending back to our former situation of nightmare by the local people.

We have had several legal cases of this kind and reported to the UNHCR and IP’s as well as to the police but unfortunately no proper action was not taken yet until today. So, we do not have hope and expectation that our security problems will be solved. We are in very difficult situation.


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