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Sexual Violence on 26th June, 2010

Posted by crcnewdelhi on July 1, 2010

A terrible sexual violence was followed by painful and serious attacked on 26th June, 2010 to a Chin woman, who was conceiving for the nine months baby, named Mrs. Sung Hlei Cuai, the holder of UNHCR No. 08C00236 at her residence place in Chanakya Place, Uttam Nagar, west Delhi.

On 26th June, 2010 a local man, the participant of the marriage ceremony at the neighbor house came to use the toilet of Mrs. Sung, while Mrs. Sung was talking to the friend by phone. The man inside the toilet come out and started to tease this nine months pregnant woman and offered her Rs. 100 for sex.

The woman felt with anger and called her husband for help. Then the husband came and slapped once on his face saying that this woman is my wife and she is not the prostitute, why did you do this kind of shameful and dirty thing to my wife. When the father of the bride knew about the incident he immediately went to the family of the victim, kneeling down on the floor and apologized for the incident saying that the young man is their close relative and he will do whatever action necessary for him. With mutual understanding the victim family also forgave them as they apologized.

On the next day, 27th June, 2010 by mean of revenge, Mrs. Sung’s family cycle was totally destroyed by the local youth. Then the quarrel started again between them and the neighbors. The neighbors denied that they were not responsible for the cycle or not knowing anything about that. Then the ladies from three neighbor families joined and that mob started to fight her and her female visitor. She was collapsed on the floor and was rolled and tossed here and there by those ladies. She got injuries on her left hand and her female visitor also got severe injuries on her face. At last, the husbands of those ladies came and intervened the fighting.  The incident was taken place at around 9:00 pm and they could not approach the hospital.

On the next morning, the woman started bleeding and rush to the DDU hospital, accompanied by YMCA. She did ultrasound for two times as her pregnancy is serious. The doctor said that the baby may also be affected and they need to be admitted and give special treatment. After admitting them the doctors found out that she need urgent operation, and then they performed urgent operation and fortunately the baby born safely.

The family lives under severe poverty and they rely on husband wage and her bakery job. Since her husband’s wage is only enough for their room rent, every morning she sells her bread to refugee families and she profited between Rs.40-50 per day, this is the source of their daily survival.


3 Responses to “Sexual Violence on 26th June, 2010”

  1. Sahana Basavapatna said

    What has been the follow up in this case? You have reported that Chin women (and men) are assaulted on an almost weekly basis. The Chins must start filing an FIR as a means to tell that this is not acceptable, it is a crime and ensure that the UNHCR, and the Police take note of the seriousness of the problem. A little more organization of the Chin community (with collaboration with other Burmese groups like the Kachins etc) to understand the law and help the community would be crucial and will go a long way in challenging the status quo.

  2. CRC Editor said

    Yes, we have lodged several complaints and FIR to the police. But unfortunately no action was seen until today. Even if we identified them or their identity like their vehicle numbers, it seemed that it did not help.

    • Christoph said

      Is there any possibility to initiate more systematic action? Informing about the cases is the first step, but how to continue? Initiating a cooperation with Indian lawyers? Finding support by a local influential person? Or is it a lack of training at the police? Do you need more awareness of the Indian or international media?
      I guess it is difficult to get access to the right places, but maybe international support can open the right doors. I don’t think only of NGOs that have to do with Burma and refugees, but it can be Rotary, groups with religious motivation, associations of foreign correspondents, student unions etc.
      Just some ideas.

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