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Assault case on 15th July, 2010

Posted by crcnewdelhi on July 17, 2010

A Burmese (Chin) refugee name Mrs. Thang Uk, the holder of UNHCR No. 07IND831, residing at J Block, Chanakya Place was unconditionally attacked and beaten up by the 5 local men near Dwarka market while heading to home from the market.

On 15th July, 2010, Mrs. Thang Uk was returning from the market at about 9:30 pm with the vegetables meat he has purchased. While he was walking on the street the five local men standing in the road side near Dwarka market unconditionally attacked him and stoned at him at his nose and got severe injury. The five men altogether attacked the helpless person as he felt down on the ground unconsciously for 2 minutes. When he became conscious he found out that his mobile phone and the vegetables were taken away by the culprits and they have already left the incident place. He then hardly reached home with bare hand and wounds. With the help of the neighbor refugees he approached to the nearby private clinic at Chanakya place and got medical treatment.

On the next day he went to SLIC and YMCA for help, since he was unable to identify the culprits, legal action cannot be taken by the SLIC and no complain was submit to the police. The YMCA provides some medicines. At 2:00 pm he approached to the Woman Protection Center at Asalatpur, but unfortunately he could not meet with the officer, saying that the officer is not available.

Mrs. Thang Uk said that in the past time his family had suffered many problems relating with health, education, foods due to their financial difficulties. He had submitted the letter two times requesting for help to the UNHCR especially for his youngest daughter who had got serious eye problem due to liquid hair dyer entered into her eye. He said that his letter seem unseen and no response at all for his daughter. He work at the Rubber factory in Chanakya Place and earning Rs.2,200 per month which is the only source of their income. His wife was currently unable to work due to their daughter eye problem he was feeding five dependents with his low income. He further states that it was very difficult to survive even for a single week for a big family like us who do not have other source of income.


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