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Two minors refugee girls attempted to gang rape

Posted by crcnewdelhi on August 3, 2010

As the assault cases happened to the Burmese (Chin) refugees and asylum seekers in New Delhi as weekly basis, a serious sexual assault was happen again at Sitapuri on 24th of July, 2010 to the two Chin minor girls’ name Ms. Min Hawi (07IND423)and Ms. Kan Htang (09C2288), who work at an electronics company in Dwarka.

The incident taken place when they were coming back to home at about 8 o’clock as usual. The local men around five persons standing on the road side started to teased and threaten them by throwing the death cat toward them so that the street dog chased and make them afraid and scattered.

Then they were afraid of the dog and one of the girls Ms. Kan Htang runaway and left her friend Ms. Min Hawi alone. (Ms. Min Hawi was unable to run due to her previous injury of her leg). By taking this as opportunity (as their plan) the three local men approached Ms. Min Hawi and started to touch her buttock, breasts and try to gang rape her. A man hit at her armpit so that she could not defense herself while other man pulled at her hair from behind and the third man beaten her with cricket bat (Stick) at her thigh until she collapsed on the ground. Meanwhile, her friend Ms. Kan Htang who previously runaway had come back to help her shouted them from behind but she was also grasped and beaten with the cricket bat at both of her tights and was also collapsed on the ground. Luckily, just before they got gang raped by the three criminals, the Burmese (Chin) local residents around there come and the criminals runaway. The incident was reported to the police and after the police arrived, the police personnel’s took them to the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital (DDU) at about 11 o’clock and got medical treatment there. The complaint was also lodged to the Bindapur police station on the next morning with the help of SLIC and CRC.

Ms. Min Hawi arrived in New Delhi in 2009 and stayed with her big brother Mr. Aung David and registered in UNHCR as asylum seeker.  Her RSD interview was schedule on 28 November, 2011 and needs to wait more than one year to get that interview. Ms. Kan Htang (14yrs) had arrived New Delhi in 2009 and was also staying with Mr. Aung David. She was already recognized by UNHCR as refugee.

In New Delhi, due to financial difficulties even the minors need to work for their survival. The working hours are almost the same as 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. So, they need to come back home at night when street drunkards and criminals are more. Our many beloved women were raped and compelled them to be fleeing in foreign land where we hope to find peace and security but we are again aimed by the local people of the country where we seek peace, as the soft target and suffered many pains and shames.


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