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Attempted to Kill

Posted by crcnewdelhi on August 26, 2010

An unexpected serious legal case was happened again on 26th August, 2010 at Jeewan Park, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi to a refugee family called Mrs. Sui Thawng (03C00397) and family.

The incident happened at about 3:30 am in the morning, while they were sleeping soundly. The family lives in the first floor of the building and occupying the two room sets measuring about 10 square feet each. They always locked the main gate at the ground floor and the two windows of the rooms at night for precaution. This night they said that they make sure that the doors and gate were locked properly before they sleep.

Around 3:30 unidentified men (number of people unknown) came and try to attack them. Since the main gate was locked from inside, they (the criminals) climbed from the wall (confirmed by seeing footprint at the wall) and unlocked the main gate. They broke the kitchen and ransacked all their foods. Since the two room’s doors were also locked from inside and they could not enter, they rather locked the doors from outside and try to pierce them with an eight foot sharp plastic pipe from the ventilation. Fortunately when the rotating fan hit the pipe it made a huge noise and felt on the floor. They (the family) suddenly wake up and tried to see what happening, thinking that the fan was broke and felt. Then they switch on the light, and found out that a sharp pipe was falling on the floor and the doors were locked from outside. After sometime, they could hardly open the doors and saw all their foods were scattered at the floor of the kitchen and the ground floor main gate was also opened and nothing was stolen. From their clue it appeared that the criminals had deliberately tried to kill or harm them.

At the end of July, 2010 the family received the call from the unknown person from the public call office and threatening to kill them. That unknown person said to Mr. Jacob Cung Hlei Thang (son of Mrs. Sui Thawng) that he want to talk to Ms. Elisa, the daughter in law of Mrs. Sui Thawng. When Jacob asked what he wants, the man replied that he loves Ms. Elisa and want to marry her. Jacob mentioned clearly that they are Burmese refugee with having different cultures and traditions, so it will be impossible to marry with him and warned him not to contact her again. Then that man replied with a threat, saying that unless they give him Elisa, they will be killed by him or hired killer to kill them. He also adds that he knows the family very well and knows where they are.

The incident was reported to the CRC and SLIC (UNHCR partner) and the complaint was lodged by them to the Bindapur police station. After having the investigation, the police personnel comment that the criminals were not trying to steal but kill or harm them, or seemingly targeting Mrs. Jacob or Elisa. He further stated that since the criminals clearly have intention to kill or harm them, it is a real threat to this family and suggested them to empty the rooms and shift to another place immediately.

The family has eleven members and had been staying in this address for the past four years. Out of the total member, three members Tial Sung Elisa (HCR/10C01204), Thang Awi (HCR/10C00114) and Ngun Tha Hniang, w/o. Mrs. Jacob (HCR/05C0052) are asylum seekers. It was clear that they were traced by the criminals and they are in a dangerous security situation.


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