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A Case of Brutal Rape and Robbery

Posted by crcnewdelhi on October 25, 2010

Assault victim in New DelhiA shameful and a sorrowful sexual assault was happened again to a Burmese (Chin) refugee (name known to CRC, HCR/ 09IND1657), 47 years old single widow on October 12, 2010 at Hastal, West Delhi. Since she has no relative in Delhi she temporarily staying with her old friend and hardly survives as she become old and unable to work.

About 8:30 pm, she went to the market to buy fish and she brought Rs. 1,000 all the money she has with her. After buying the fish from the local vendor, she was about to get back to home. While walking alone in the street, (not very far from the market where she bought fish) the two men secretly fallowed her and unexpectedly caught her. One the men shut her mouth with his hand and pushed her to the dark place (an empty place between houses) and started trying to rape her. She said that she had struggled hard to escape but she was unable to escape when a man badly hit her left hand/arm with a wooden stick and collapsed on the ground unconsciously. She was unconscious for sometimes (She did not know the duration of her unconsciousness) and when she became half conscious she hardly identified that one of the men successfully raped her and she was not sure whether the second man did her or not. Then the two criminal left her lying on the ground.

When she became fully conscious she found out that her money Rs.920 and the fish were also stolen by the criminals and she hardly managed to get home with empty hand, severe injuries and with blood. As soon as she arrived home the neighbors help her and rushed to the DDU hospital at about 10:30. She got emergency treatment and the x-ray was also done. The x-ray result showed that her left hand/arm was badly hit that the two bones were totally broken. After given all necessaries medication by the hospital they went home at the same night.

This piteous lady was very unfortunate that in March, 2009 she got robbed and assaulted by the three local bikers while working on the street at day light. Her purse tightly tied at her waist was forcefully pushed by the bikers. She not only lost her purse but also badly thrown upon the rock and her left foot was hardly stuck at the rock and the bone become fractured.

Due to unsecured conditions and fear of persecution in Myanmar, many Chin ethnic were flooding to New Delhi, India to seek peace and security under the protection of the UNHCR and the Government of India. Despite of the UNHCR role of security protection and the India Government hospitality, we continually/ periodically got severe assaults until today. This lady was also a peace seeker and while she hope to find peace and security but she rather found the nightmares in her living in exile.


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