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Assault and Robbery

Posted by crcnewdelhi on November 20, 2010

A case of assault and robbery was happened to a Chin refugee called Mr. Kap Za Lem, the holder of UNHCR No. 08IND00201 on 20th November, 2010 at the main road between Uttam Nagar and C-1, Asalatpur, West Delhi.

Mr. Kap Za Lem was working at a restaurant called Barbecue Netson at Uttam Nagar. He was working at night and used to go home at night around 1:00-2:00 Am. Since he used to go home at night at that very morning, sometimes rickshaw puller was not available and most of the nights he used to go home on foot. On 20th of November, 2010 at around 1:30 am he went home on foot as usual, unfortunately the two men deliberately followed him to attack and rob.

They suddenly attacked him and one of the men forcefully grip his neck tightly with his hand while the second man covered his eye with his hand in order that the victim could not recognized them. He was throttled until he was unable to breath and unconscious, then they laid him down on the ground and robbed him. They taken a mobile handset and his purse with Rs.350 and slipped away. Fortunately he did not sustained serious injuries but minor injuries on his forehead and face.

He was a married man and he left behind his wife in Myanmar and fled to UNHCR, New Delhi for his unsecured condition in Myanmar. He arrived New Delhi in 2008 and was a recognized refugee under the mandate of the UNHCR. He said that due to many human rights abuse and fear of persecution in Myanmar he was fled to the neighbor country hoping to find peace and security, but his life in New Delhi is not that much better and faced almost the same fear and unsecure condition as Myanmar. He added that there is no hope for him as well as his fellow refugees that we hope for peace and security will not be seen in New Delhi.


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