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A disable boy seriously attacked

Posted by crcnewdelhi on November 30, 2010

A partially deaf Chin refugee boy Mr. Victor Thang, 17 years old the holder of UNHCR No. 09C00264 was badly attacked unconditionally by the local resident at Bodella Market, West Delhi on 25th November, 2010 at about 8:30 pm.

An unexpected nightmare was happened when Victor was going to the market to buy some vegetable and was accompanied by one of his friends. Just before reaching the market place, his friend was first attacked by five local men unconditionally. Fortunately his friend was managed to escape without sustaining serious injuries. Then the culprits turned to Mr. Victor badly attacked him. The criminal used stone, wooden stick, their legs and hands to torture him. After a few minutes more people were gathered and that mob brutally attacked him and tortures him like animal. The attacked last about half an hour and he was semi unconscious for two hours. He got several injuries and wounds in the whole body and lost many blood.



He was then taken to the DDU hospital at about 11:00 pm got necessaries medications and x-ray. On the next day of the 27th November, the incident was report to the Socio and Legal Information Center (SLIC) one of the implementing partners of the UNHCR. After visiting the incident place, the SLIC help them to lodge a complaint to the Vikaspuri Police Station. Although the complaint was lodge properly, no investigation was made or no development was taken by the police to bring justice.

He arrived New Delhi in October, 2008 and was a recognized refugee under the mandate of the UNHCR, New Delhi. Since he is partially deaf he was unable work for his survival and totally depends on his elder sister, who herself was a refugee.

Unfortunately as the population of refugee and asylum seeker increased the rate of criminal against the Burmese (Chin) refugee also increased. Despite of the UNHCR and its implementing partner’s effort to reduce the crime by having high level talk with the home ministry and other high ranging police officers the criminal rate is not reduced. The most unfortunately thing is that the criminal were never brought to justice. By knowing this poor development or uninvestigated case by the local people, they were not afraid of the rule of law and the refugees become more target.


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