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Attempted to Child Sodomy

Posted by crcnewdelhi on January 22, 2011

A case of Attempt to Child Sodomy and attack has happened to Mr. Hrang Lan Lal (age-7) S/o Mr. Thang Hlei Kap (UNHCR Number: 07IND6) living at Hastsal, Uttam Nagar by one of the local young boy on 20.1.2011 evening and sustained severe Psychological Trauma and severe Bleeding Knee Injury due to the push down to ground.

While the victim and his 10 years old elder brother were fetching drinking water in the park, one of the local young boy snared the victim with Biscuit and took him to the nearby  place and touched  his private sex organ. After that, the perpetrator spitted saliva on his anus and brought out his sex organ. By seeing all these, the victims got scared and cried out loud for help and his elder brother approached him for help. But the perpetrator attempted physical assaults and so he rushed back home immediately and called his father for help.

When both of them reached to the victim, he was crying out loud alone out of fear and the perpetrator had already fled away. They also noticed that the victim was sustaining severe knee bleeding injury due to push down to ground by the perpetrator while he tried to run away. He was so traumatized and scared that he could not speak properly for a while nor dare to go out again.

His father took him to DDU Hospital on the next early morning for medical treatment.

Mr. Thang Hlei Kap’ s family is 5 with 3 minor children and fled from Burma in 2004. They eventually reached New Delhi in 2006 for the protection and assistance from the UNHCR. The housewife is constantly suffering from gynaecological problems and bedridden almost all the time.

Mr. Thang said that he is quite worrying for his children’s safety and security and for the rest of the Burmese refugees as well due to such horrible experience. And he also feels that the Burmese refugees were targeted for being a refugee!


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