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Terror incident of beaten and accused.

Posted by crcnewdelhi on January 31, 2011

Refugee from Burma face terrible dreadful moment and life is always a threat of being harmed by the local people. Refugees are taunted with many filthy and bad words. They are treated with contempt humiliating by the local people. They suffer beaten and assault and they deliberately downplay apparent acts of racism for fear of being a Burmese and a refugee. They suffer ethnic slurs. In many cases, even neighbors and friends get involved in the beating. It shows a communal mentality that has no regard for the refugee community. The apprehension on threat to their life is genuine. Here is some of the reports on how refugees are treated by local people. 

In Nov 2010, it was happened that a man namely Thang(surname only) set up TATA Sky Antenna in the space at the terrace of his rent house in Hastsal and a neighbor Indian man warned me not to turn the antenna toward his residence and then he set up at the corner but the local man and his mother come to drag off the antenna and when he protested, that lady slap him twice and he said ‘I just keep silence bearing the contempt’.  

In Jan 19,2011 a man namely Mang (surname only) who returned from job around 4:00 Pm at the entrance narrow street toward home, four neighborhood local men stopped him demanding of entrance permission as they tried to beat him if he cannot show any ID proof. Knowing the threat of being harmed his  wife who recently gave birth a baby came to intervene the matter and those local men beat them and demanded any Indian ID proof next time if they want to cross that street and staying in that areas. ‘The Indian people hate Burmese people for being different nationality and life is always being threatened,’ the victims lamented.

When children are sending out to buy things from the neighborhood store, those local men snatched the money from their hand making fun with those small children threatening them with to be fearful and crying. Children are very afraid to go out without parent or adult accompanying. Living in such a nightmare of scary situation, it is awful to think of how to provide a good future for the refugees is always inexpressible haunting fear for refugees from Burma.

Neighborhood local people have different value systems and beliefs and they treat the Burmese refugee even less than human being. When we looked at straight to their eyes, they scorn at us why we look at them and many suffer even beaten. In some cases, they don’t allow Burmese to stand in front of their houses and drove them away immediately with many cursing words. If we protest against the local people even if we are right, we are like digging our own pitfall. Refugees are badly treated by local people even less than human being is common experiences by the refugees.

A terror incident happened on 20. 01. 2011 around at 9:00 PM, a refugee coming back from job near the home on the narrow street four local men stopped him and beat him after talking in Hindi as if they Burmese are always a problem makers for them. Upon knowing the beaten, a Burmese friend came to help by interfering the riot. Then the two refugees narrowly escape to flee from the spot. The two men informed the brutal beaten to their neighborhood refugees and then in fear of being tortured again awaring of the scary situation they stay in silence in their own rooms. Within about half an hour, a group of local people around 50 people holding weapons marching toward us with very hot temper shouting to kill us as they force to get us out of the room by slamming and beating the door because we locked ourselves from inside fearing of being tortured and killed, the victims say. When a refugee is become a victim of being accused of making problem which would seem conflict of their value system, all Burmese refugees in the same building or refugees in that area suffer the same threat of being tortured and harmed. ‘Then we informed to police. Police come to the spot within 20 minutes to encounter the situation and brought two of us to Uttamnagar police station. Police told us to ask pardon from those local men and demanded us of compensation some amount of money and told us to sign but we know that we did nothing wrong and instead our lives is being a threat of beating and even killing. We feel really vulnerable and helpless because police enforcement do not support us. Thereby, we together rush to UNHCR for help and hopping that they will do something consideration on our dreadful situation,’ the victims reported.


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