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Brutally assaulted by local thefts.

Posted by crcnewdelhi on February 3, 2011

 A man namely Gin Khan Khup bearer of R.C.No.  08/1486 was brutally beaten by two local men.  It was happened that on 20.01.2011 around 7:00 PM while returning from market after buying some vegetable two local men follow after him a little while and brutally beat him with wooden stick near Sunday market, Uttamnagar.  He said that he could recognize those two men’s face as stealing their neighbor bicycle on Nov 15,2010 and he, his father and brother tried to help get back the bicycle from those thefts. 

And on Nov 24,2010 midnight coming back from Church around 11:00PM, those two men unexpectedly caught him on the way in his residence area threatening him and beaten him and said that he would be in big trouble if they see him somewhere again or doing any trouble against them. He said, ‘I am always in fear, scaring to go out alone and it was a terror for me.

On 20.01.2011 while going on the way home near Sunday market around at 7:00 PM, those two local men follow him a little while and beat him brutally in the dark area. And his shoulder left-side bone was seriously painful and his left arm can not move for a week.  He struggled to escape from the beating and run toward home. With his family help, they went to Emergency department at DDU Hospital and thereby the help of doctor at DDU Hospital, they informed police and took medical care. ‘It was a threat of killing and God save my life’, he was crying and telling to the Community leaders. I don’t know how could I save my life from such terror experience and I am very scaring, he said. He made complaint to Slic at the first incident and no action was taken, this time when he informed to Slic, the Slic Staff just said we will take care of the matter and ask help from police but you don’t need to file a case. And now he is scaring of being harmed and hopping that his case will be taken consideration by the UNHCR.


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