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Sexual Assault to a minor girl

Posted by crcnewdelhi on February 3, 2011

A case of Sexual Assaults to a Child girl has happened to Ms. ….. (age-7) d/o Ms. ……. (UNHCR Number: 09C01994) living in Hastsal, Uttam Nagar by one of the local young boy on 30.01.2011 evening.

While the victim and her younger brother were playing at the park, one of the local young boy called the victim and took her to the nearby place and forced her touch his private sex organ. She was so frightened and cried out loud for help. By hearing her cry, some of the nearby local people approached them and the perpetrator fled away immediately.

Both she and her younger brother came back home with crying and reported the incident to their mother who is a widow.

Eventhough they approached to the SLIC, nothing is done for them.

The victim’s family is 7 members with 4 minor children and fled from Burma in 2009 and eventually reached New Delhi for the protection from the UNHCR.

The child’s mother said that she is quite worrying for her children’s safety and security due to such horrible experience.

The rape, sodomy, sexual assaults, harassment and beating cases are increasing recently and the lives of the Burmese refugees in New Delhi are quite helpless now.


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