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Scorned and beaten the refugee young men

Posted by crcnewdelhi on February 16, 2011

It is tragedy to make kind of protesting against the local people because the refugee are treated with humiliation and discrimination. A refugee young man namely  Val Hre Thang bearer of R.C.No. 09/2092 was badly assaulted by the local young group when making some argument with them. It was happened that on 13. 02. 2011 around at 4:00 PM while playing football as usual in the Asalatpur Park with his three Burmese friends, four local young men approached them jeopardizing with some weapons threatening to get out of the place.

They were wondering such a horrifying threat for being  treated in such a way as if they were casting a dog with scorn out of the house. These refugee young men feel so vulnerable that they are now so scaring because that was the place they usually play football with some friends enjoying kind of peaceful environment  in their lives after fleeing from nightmare of being killed under the military men in Burma. However, again they suffer the threat of their lives being unfairly jeopardized by a group of local young men humiliating them with scorn and beaten. Those local four young men attacked those refugees to get out of the park and when starting a little argument, those local men called out some friends within a few minutes and about 25 people together started beating them with some weapons and fortunately the refugee children struggled to get rid out of the riot narrowly and only one is seriously got hurt. Now these refugee young men are very afraid to visit that area again scaring of being discriminated terribly. Hopping that the UNHCR will pay kind attention on the vulnerability of the refugee situation and take appropriate action of this regard.


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