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Vunerable Condition of refugees

Posted by crcnewdelhi on February 18, 2011

There is conflict between value system. When walking down the street people pass comment on refugees especially to girls and when retorting their behavior, brutally and senselessly those local men sometimes called out some more friends picked  up stones, wooden rods and anything else they could lay their hands on and started beating the refugees including those refugees coming to intervene the matter.

Instance, it was a sad incident that a refugee young man dropping his friend girl around 10:30 PM from Hastsal area to Budella, when passing through a small park four local men caught hold of the girl  touch the private areas of the body which was chaotic behavior which made her very scared and humiliated and shout for help.  Her friend a boy who was talking with phone and going urine while she was going ahead little distance running for help her was beaten by those local young men and  got injured in the face and in the eye and bruised on the body. Fortunately, they could later manage themselves to escape from the brutal attacked, run for help to the nearest refugee house.  The scenario reveals to us that the chaotic condition of the moral behavior of some local people over the refugees is exposed in the surface.

The dictionary defines chaos as a state of disorder, a condition where no rules apply. This is certainly true of India, at lmost all levels. Wherever you look, there is not a vestige of what more ordered soceities call discipline, an adherence to regulations, norms and codes of behaviour.

 Many refugee girls are thought to be prostitute and asked ‘ what’s the rate’ and some girls are manhandled by local men, clothes are tore  and suffer bruised on the body. When refugee men try to intervene the situation to save their people from a disgraceful act done to them suffer beaten and anyone who try to shield the beating become victimized. At times, refugees suffer fatal injury and bruised at various  part in their body. One of their greatest fear is that the severe beating and the pain is nothing compared to the fear and grief of bearing the discrimination always living in fearing of being attacked and harmed. When made complaint to the Police, they say we have launched a manhunt for the absconding the accused or we will send more police patrolling in the areas but cases that registered to the police are inadequate in the action taken and therefore refugee feel helpless and vulnerable and because in the process they are  avoided. Hopping that the UNHCR will take more challenges and programs to help the vulnerable condition of Burmese refugees in India.


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