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International Women’s Day – Women Refugees from Burma in New Delhi don’t give up hope – but they need urgent help!

Posted by crcnewdelhi on March 8, 2011

Around 10.000 refugees from Burma, mainly from Chin State, reside currently in Delhi, among them around 3.000 children, 3.000 men and 4.000 women. Health care, education, water supply, shelter and access to humanitarian aid are insufficient.

Women in particular suffer from treatable gynecological diseases, lack of proteins and vitamins, undernourishment etc – all the issues affect directly their children, their families and the society as a whole as well. Additionally they face sexual and gender based violence in public and at work places which leads again to domestic violence, divorces, illiterate children and extreme poverty.

“What the refugees from Burma face in Delhi is unimaginable for Westerners. This is a humanitarian tragedy in the so-called largest democracy of the world. But still it is not hopeless; the courageous women from Burma in Delhi don’t give up. But I don’t know how long they will stand up as too limited international support reaches these women and children”, says Margot Pires from Austrian Burma Center, currently working with the Chin Refugee Committee in New Delhi.

The Chin Refugee Committee, a refugee run organization providing legal and social support, experiences the sufferings of these women first hand every day. “Delhi is not a safe place for women from Chin State. Poverty forces them to work in unsafe places which lead to harassments or even rape. As the majority of the women are illiterate the women’s voice is not heard. We urgently need empowerment, assistance and peace,” says Steven Ral Kap Tluang, President of the Chin Refugee Committee.


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