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CRC letter to the Chief Commission of UNHCR

Posted by crcnewdelhi on September 20, 2011


The Chief of Mission                                                                                                       Date 17, September 2011

Dear Respected Chief of Mission, firstly i thank a lot for all your love helping for the refugee as much as you can , i know that you work  so hard for the refugee through your love , we refugee have been saved by your help as we do not have another option except UNHCR.  Now, the new President of (CRC) would like to Request on the behalf of the patient who got serious injured by fire.

Name Mr. Kio Luai Hrang Lung ,UNHCR No. 08 1075  Address, Rz, B, 55, Jankipuri, Utamnagar  New Delhi, on 10th of September 2011 ,He was burn by fire and when he supposes to  open the Gas to cook food , Gas burst suddenly, now he is seriously injured, after he got injured some of his churches members led him to hospital but he did not get proper treatment from hospital , now he is without proper treatment. His churches member and community cannot help him sufficient. So he reported to our CRC (Chin Refugee committee) for help but as we CRC Do not help enough funds to help him. Now we would like to ask and inform The UNHCR for his urgent assistance.

Therefore He needs urgently assistance  from UNHCR with fund or any available service .

In his family there are six members, He is working in factory and earns Rs. 3000 per month and his wife sells some eatable among Chin refugees and earn Rs. 2000 and they pay for rent Rs 3000 per month and the rest wage of his wife is for their food. That is how they survive for their family.

Now I, Bonai  the President of Chin refugee Committee (CRC) would like to Request the UNHCR for your kindly attention for him. I hope that the UNHCR will help him and response for this immediately. Also I attached his photos.



The President

Chin Refugee Committee

Phone 9971389265



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