Chin Refugee Committee Delhi

Advocacy and help for Chin refugees in Delhi

About the CRC Delhi

Structure: CRC is a community-based mass organization. It functions through an executive committee with 11 members representing the different Chin communities in Delhi:  Hakha, Falam, Matupi, Zomi, Cho-Kanpalet, etc. The committee members are elected every two years during the CRC conference. CRC also has an Advisory Board comprising 4 members chosen during the same conference.  Executive committee members work voluntarily.

Background: CRC Delhi was established on 14 January, 1996 by Chin people coming to Delhi to flee persecution in Burma.  Since then, CRC has worked to address problems faced by Chin refugees and asylum seekers in Delhi.

CRC was initially established to address humanitarian issues, welfare (education, health, relief), security (counseling, legal assistance), and development of Chin refugees living in Delhi, the situation in Delhi has compelled CRC to get increasingly involved in advocating for the rights of the Chin refugees in Delhi. CRC has been instrumental in approaching UNHCR, the Government of India (GOI), and a variety of relevant agencies to address the living conditions of the Chin refugees in Delhi.

Over the past few years, CRC has give scholarship for 10 students from unrecognized refugee from 2006 -07 academic years.. CRC had provided hospital travel allowance from between 5pm to 7 am for Emergency patients from 2006 to 2007 beside that also give in cash Rs. 1000 to 1500 for those who are hospitalized for serious sickness. Moreover CRC has provided survival assistant for very needy refugees’ family from since 2005 to early 2008.

Specific objectives are:

  1. To solve survival problem provide relief or assistant for needed refugees family.
  2. To give assistant for social and emotional need.
  3. To give social & legal protection.

You can contact the CRC Delhi here.

Privacy notice: All pictures of refugees on these pages are published with their permission.

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