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Minutes of Meeting on 14th May, 2010

Posted by Chris on May 27, 2010

Dear Mr. Ro Mawi,

Thank you very much for the very useful meeting we had with you and some other members of the Chin Refugee Committee (CRC) on 14 May 2010. Following is a summary of the issues discussed:

1. Increase in security incidents: UNHCR is grateful for CRC’s reports on the increasing frequency of such incidents against refugees and asylum-seekers from Myanmar. UNHCR appreciates CRC’s commitment to the community including its visits to police stations and follow-up on cases.  UNHCR has been engaged for a long time in sensitizing police in localities where refugees and asylum-seekers live as well as at a higher level and in ensuring appropriate responses to reported cases.  UNHCR will continue its activities and wherever possible will step them up. It should be clear though that UNHCR does not have the authority to ensure the arrest of perpetrators.
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UNHCR response on recent assault cases

Posted by crcnewdelhi on May 6, 2010

Dear All,

We thank you so much for your support and help. I am please to inform you the response of the UNHCR on recent assault cases which you sent to the UNHCR on their behalf and asking for them possible assistance. Among seven victims in the recent assault cases, three persons cases had been responded by the UNHCR but four victims cases are  not yet response. The following are the details of how they response;

  • Ms. Sui Tin Lem;

    Reduced the waiting time of RSD interview. The original date of interview given to her was 10 September, 2010 but shortens to 5th May, 2010 and already interviewed by the UNHCR.

    • Zo Ram Thang;

      The UNHCR called him and he will be paid subsistence allowance from next month.

      • Kyaw Kyaw;

        Re-scheduled the date of RSD interview. The original date of RSD interview given to him was 6 August, 2010 and rescheduled at 6 May, 2010.

        The remaining victims such as Mr. Fung Ling, Mr. Than Sang, Mr. Moses Han Sein and Mr. Van Lal Lian were not getting the response from the UNHCR.

        We understand that the above responses are the result your help and support. We still need your moral and practical support in the future.

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