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Assault Case in Delhi – 23 April

Posted by crcnewdelhi on April 23, 2010

The assault cases had been happened repeatedly in the past few weeks. On 23rd April, 2010 at about 6:00 pm more assault case had been happened in Chanakya Place, Uttam Nagar.

The incident started that when a Burmese (Chin) refugee named Mr.Fung Ling, 37 years old holding UNHCR No.08IND01388 and his wife visited their relative who was sick at home. On their way back to home at about 6:30 pm the two men biker came from behind and talk to Mr. Fung Ling. Mr. Fung Ling replied that he does not understand Hindi. While they were talking a fellow Burmese (Chin) refugees called Mr. Than Sang (08IND01410) come and asked the two bikers what they need because of knowing that his friend Mr. Fung Ling did not speak Hindi. By just asking what they need, one of the biker sitting on the back seat slapped Mr. Than Sang on his face and got down from the bike and started to attack them. The bikers were above six foot told and the Burmese refugees did not fight them back. They were severely beaten up and so many bloods had been shed. Mr. Fung Ling was hit by the brick at the lower back part of the skull and collapsed unconsciously. When more people were gathered and some refugees also saw the incident one of a refugee named Mr. Van Lal Lian (08C00279) come and asked them to stop but they rather attacked him also and fled from there and called the CRC president by phone. When the culprits saw that Mr. Van Lal Lian was calling some one they approached him and taken away his mobile phone and beaten him.

When the victims knew that the two men were not going to stop fighting them, they fled to the nearby refugee house and unlock the door from behind. But the attackers still climbed to their door and shouted at them. At last when they were unable to open the door they went away from the place. Mr. Van Lal Lian identified their vehicle number as HR99DZTP 3265. After one hour, accompanying with the CRC president the victims went to DDU hospital got treatment. While the incident was taken place so many people gathered and watched them but unfortunately no one was reaching up to help them. By just not knowing Hindi three victims were left and the culprits freed with unharmed.

Mr. Fung Ling and family arrive New Delhi in 1998 and were recognized refugees. The family members include his wife and five minor children below 12 years old. They received no more financial assistance from the UNHCR and working as the local factory and earning Rs. 2,000 per month. Mr. Than Sang and his wife also arrive New Delhi in 1998 and were also got recognition of refugee. His income amounting Rs. 1,500 is the only source of their survival. Mr. Van Lal Lian, a widower having a minor daughter came to New Delhi in 1998 and also got refugee certificate. The subsistence allowance provided by the UNHCR had been terminated and no income for their survival. Now, they were staying with Mr. Ro Mawi, the CRC president house and were feed by him. These three families need special attention for their safety, security and survival and lived with severe poverty. Therefore I ask the UNHCR to do whatever possible assistance for these families.

In the past few days four assault cases had been happened in this locality but no proper or effective action had been taken by the police or other authorities. Recently the situation become more vulnerable and we need some kind of help from the concerned authorities, NGO’s and individuals.


Ro Mawi


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Assault Case in Delhi – 21 April

Posted by crcnewdelhi on April 21, 2010

Dear Friends,

Another assault case happened last night, 21st April around 8:00 pm at Sitapuri (Wednesday Bazaar) on a Burmese (Chin) refugee, Mr. Zo Ram Thang (BU-491), a family man with wife and three minor children of below 6 years old.

At about 8 pm he along with his two minor daughters went to fetch water from the public water point. There are so many people in the public water point and after getting the water while they were to return to home the unknown person/ persons attacked him from behind with brick or stone and hit at his skull and he collapsed on the ground. He was unconscious for about 10 minutes and his two children accompanying him cried for at him. Even though there are so many people around there, there is no one to help him. At last the three Chin refugees walking around that street found them and took them to their residence. Around mid-night some fellow refugees took him to the DDU hospital and file the police case also there. After receiving the necessary medications, dressing, X-ray and CT scan etc they went back to home around 4:30 in the morning. Although the FIR is file, no investigation had been taken by the police until 6:00 pm the next day. We do not expect proper enquiry or investigation to be taken again.

This family had arrived New Delhi in 1999 and have already been here for more than 10 years. No more financial assistance had been provided by the UNHCR and they are living under severe poverty. He was working at the private factory and earning Rs. 3,000 per month which is not sufficient for the family survival. With the help of some fellow refugee friends and church they can hardly survive till date.

Within the past two-three months this kind of assault had been repeatedly happened to the refugee community and we are so much afraid that it will be more and more unless some authority or NGO help us for our legal safeties.

Sincerely Yours,

Ro Mawi

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Assault Case in Delhi – 19 April

Posted by crcnewdelhi on April 19, 2010

There is the assault case happened once again at Jeewan Park, Uttam Nagar on 19  April, 2010. His name is Mr. Moses, single, 45 years old, who was working at District Center, Sakalratna restaurant as a cleaner. On his way back from his work place to sleep with his friend about 9:00 pm, four local man  stopped him talk to him with teasing him and later beaten him. While beating him other local man around 30 persons came and joined and brutally beaten him up. He was almost died on the spot but fortunately he was left behind lying on the ground. He has Rs.200 on his pocket and that money was also stole by the culprits.

On the next morning he then approached my house ( CRC’s President) and told me about the incident. At that time he does not have any money at all. So, I gave Rs. 200 for his pocket money. He said that he approached SLIC and they accompanied to the hospital receive some medical treatment. After that the SLIC told him to go to the CRC and report the incident to them. Presently he has no shelter, no foods and one of our friends Mr. David is temporarily looking after him in his house. When he was working at that restaurant he was staying at that place but when he was unable to continue he has no place to stay.

The incident showed that so many local people were seeking the opportunity to steal, tease, assault and rope in everywhere. We are absolutely in a difficult situation financially and legally. Some upper class or educated people were so kind to us but most of the people under poverty line were not. So, to be stay together only a short period is not safe for us.


Ro Mawi

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Assault Case in Delhi – 29 March

Posted by crcnewdelhi on March 29, 2010

A Burmese woman namely Ms. Sui Tin Lem ( 32 yrs), a mother of  two small children, indentified as HCR/PL/ 10C 00340, by the UNCHR, was badly assaulted  by four local Indian in New Delhi, the capital of India, at a local standard time of 7:00 pm, on March 29, 2010.

The incident took place like this. Mrs. Sui Tin Lem was coming back from her work place in Citapuri block, West Delhi, along with her two Chin co-workers. On the way, after separating with two of her friends towards each of their house, four local Indian youth came upon her. They started teasing at her.

When she insisted them, two persons grasped up her tightly from behind and assaulted sexually. When making her best effort to escape, the two beaten up her with a rod on her brow. Soon she was covered with pool blood with injuries as her brow, cheek and chin were broken.

“I cried out for help from the local people around. But no one turned up for my help although some local people around me saw me I was assaulted haplessly. At last, I could manage to run away towards my home. But, I fell down on the street as I lost my consciousness due to bleeding out a lot of blood from injuries.

Two local Indian police luckily came to find me lying down on the street. However, I could not explain them about the incident I got, as I was so weak and got into unconscious.

They left me besides the street” she said late after she was taken home.

Only in next morning around at 4:00 am, she was found out on the street nearly dying by a morning walker from the Chin community. Then she was taken rash to the government hospital called Deen Dayal  Apadhyay hospital.

However, claiming the hours for medical record was already late, the doctors in the hospital refused to admit her at the hospital. So, she was taken back to home and given treatment with the help of New Delhi Young Men Christian Association (ND-YMCA). As she has gotten so serious injuries, she is now laying at critical condition.

Mrs. Sui Tin Lem and her two children came to India in February 2010 from Hakha town of Chin State, in search of a better life as their life in Burma had been under constant threats by the Burmese soldiers. Their application for refugee status is under pending, and they receive no assistance from the UNHCR.

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